CPIM-SMR模擬モード、CPIM Strategic Management of resources




試験科目:CPIM Strategic Management of resources
問題と解答:全240問 CPIM-SMR テスト難易度

>> CPIM-SMR テスト難易度


JPexamは正確な選択を与えて、君の悩みを減らして、もし早くてAPICS CPIM-SMR模擬モードをとりたければ、早くてJPexamをショッピングカートに入れましょう。あなたにとても良い指導を確保できて、試験に合格するのを助けって、JPexamからすぐにあなたの通行証をとります。

NO.1 . Clear user of the results
6. A workforce should not only be trained in their technical aspects of their job, but also what
would be
MOST important skill for employees?
A. Explanation: The most important for an employee is to have problem solving skills. All are important,
problem solving skills would be the worst.
7. Which of the following are phases of change
I. Actioning the plan
II. Systemizing Change
III Gain approval from CEO
A. I, II, & III
B. II & III Only
C. I & II Only
D. I & III Only
B. IT systems skills
C. Explanation: The phases of changes include
1 . Identify the project
2 . Plan the project
3 . Action the plan
4 . Implementation
5 . Reorganizing to the new
6 . Systemizing the change
7 . Closure
8. What are 2 biggest problems of major implementations according to Davis?
D. JIT concept skills
E. Project management Skills
F. Problem Solving Skills
Answer: F
1 . Conflicting interpretations of business goals
2 . Uncoordinated choosing and implementation of changes

NO.2 Which of the following is NOT a part of reverse logistics?
A. Customer Purchase
B. Reusable containers
C. Customer Returns
D. Product Recall
Answer: A

Explanation: Reverse logistics include anything going in reverse of normal product purchase process.
Reverse logistics include
1 . Customer returns
2 . Product recalls
3 . Re-usable containers
4 . Waste management
5 . Hazardous waste

NO.3 If increasing a manager's span of control, what would that look like to the manager?
A. Manager is now allowed to punish his employees more than he used to be able to
B. Where the manager used to only control one department he now controls multiple functions and
C. Manager gives up a portion of his group to specialize in one area
D. Manager is able to give bonuses to his employees more than he used to
Answer: B

Explanation: Span of control takes a manager and increases the amount of people/ responsibilities. A
good example of this is when a manager is selected to manage more than one group/ department,
he used to only manage one department. This is increasing the manager's span of control.

NO.4 Which of the following would BEST describe an infrastructure choice?
A. Make or buy products
B. Where plant should be located
C. Deciding the organizational design
D. The range of products that should be made in the plant
Answer: C

Explanation: Deciding the organization chart would BEST describe an infrastructure choice. Other
choices would be considered structural choices.

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